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Head of Department of Communications:



Prof.Zoltan Bécsi, PhD


Zoltan Bécsi has been educated at the Universities of Geneva and Oxford and is holder of a Ph.D. in international relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva and the University of Geneva, jointly. He developed a career in academic research and teaching, and as a consultant in political and international affairs. He received a Swiss research grant to the Hoover Institution (Stanford University) and became a research assistant of the Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces of Geneva. He has been a Swiss National Fund Research Scholar in Paris and in London, a Visiting Fellow of the Teleki László Institute (today Hungarian Institute for International Affairs of Budapest) and of the Graduate Institute of European Studies of the University of Geneva. His field of specialisation is Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, dealing mainly with cultural, minority, nationality, federalism and security issues as well as geopolitical issues. As an author he has written articles in three different languages on Central and Eastern Europe. Prof. Bécsi teaches at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations and is a Visiting Professor of the University of Pécs (Hungary). He gives courses such as: History of Federalism, Political thought, History of Diplomacy, Protocol, Presentation, Communication and Diplomatic Practice. 



Head of Department of Arts and Literature in Humanities:



 Prof. Patrick Hunt, PhD

     WAALM  Awardee - 2008


Hunt  earned his PhD from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL - University of London (1991). He has won awards for various activities as an  archaeologist, writer, composer, poet and art historian, and his pioneering research has been sponsored by the National Geographic Society among others. Some of the courses he has taught in various universities accommodate his breadth of interests in the Humanities, the Arts, Ancient History and Archaeology. He is Director of the Alpine Archaeology Project (1994-2009), conducting high altitude research in the Alps between France, Italy and Switzerland. He is also a National Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) 2009-2010 and author of eight books including the best-seller TEN DISCOVERIES THAT REWROTE HISTORY, Penguin-Plume, 2007) and has been filmed in many documentaries including National Geographic Explorer TV, History Channel and PBS.



- Fellow of Royal Geographical Society - Elected 1989



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Members of Faculty:


Prof. Dick Davis, PhD

  WAALM  Awardee - 2008


He was born in Portsmouth, England, and educated at the Universities of Cambridge (B.A. and M.A. in English Literature) and Manchester (PhD. in Medieval Persian Literature). He has taught at the Universities of Durham and Newcastle in the UK as well as Universities of Tehran (Iran) and California (Santa Barbara). He is Professor of Persian and Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University. As author, translator or editor, he has produced over 20 books; among his academic works he has published translations from Italian (prose) and Persian (prose and verse) and books of his own poetry.




- Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature - Elected 1981.


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Head of Department of Traditions & Cultural History:



Prof. Kaveh Farrokh, PhD

     WAALM  Awardee - 2008


He was born in Athens, Greece and obtained his Ph.D. from   the University of British Columbia. Prof. Farrokh speaks English, German, French, and Persian. He also has a working understanding of at least three living languages, Provençal, Italian, Dutch, and Kurmanji Kurdish, as well as two ancient languages, Latin and Pahlavi. Prof. Farrokh has given lectures and seminars in the University of British Columbia. He is also a Learning Psychologist and Director of the Archaeological department of    the Pasargad Preservation Foundation. 




- Member of Stanford University’s WAIS

(World Association of International Studies)


- Historical Advisor for the BBC


- Historical Advisor for the History Channel


- Historical and Archaeological Advisor for the Voice of America Media Network.


- Member of Iranian Studies for Hellenic – Iranian Studies at Leiden University


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Head of Department of Public Relations and Media:



Head of Department of Human Rights Education:

Interim Head of Department:


 Marjan Abdi, PhD

Cofounder & Executive Dir. of WAALM


Member of:


-The Academic Council on The United Nations System - ACUNS

- United Nations Association, UNA- UK

- Ambassador of Human Rights, UHR




Honorary Advisory Board:


On Advanced Research Affairs



Dr. Nahid Khazenie

Former Director of NASA - Scientific Programs

IEEE - GRSSS - Senior Council








African Affairs:


Agrippa O. Ezozo, BS, MA

Former President of UCLA

Black Faculty and Staff Association.


Founder & President of

The African Diaspora Foundation






Course Advisor and Student Recruitment Consultants:




Shabnam Delfan, MSc, PhDSt.

University of Plymouth






Suzei Ziai, BA , D.E.A (PgDip.)       

Institut d'etudes Politiques







Benno Reiss, MBA,DBA 

Pinnacle Business School








Terezia Olah, PgDip. 

Intl. Further Studies Inst.








USA - MD: 

Behy Bahrloo, MRes

Pinnacle Business School











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